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Henan papu

Papu supplies HDPE steel tube, steel belt reinforced PE corrugated tube, steel belt polyethylene corrugated tube, large diameter reinforced corrugated tube, etc. In we decided to expand our plastic production and enter the thermoplastic field. Whether you cooperate with us or not, we will provide the high-quality steel solutions for you Papu achieved water pipe manufacturing qualification certificate, pressure vessel license, and passed the IS, IS, OHSAS management system certification. Our inspection personnel on the scene will test and inspect special steel products like the dimensions, surface, packaging and supply mill test.

Drug bust in atlanta yesterday

Make PoliceOne your homepage. It was the second major seizure in the agency's four-month-old "Money Trail" initiative to monitor drug money that passes between the United States and Mexico; The first came through arrests made in Denver and Detroit. Among those arrested late Wednesday and early Thursday was the suspected leader of the Atlanta organization, known to law enforcement officials only as "Gotti. In at least one case, DEA said, the drugs were hidden in a tractor trailer carrying pork and livestock portions.